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Paris is among the prettiest towns in Canada. It is home to delicious deserts, waterfalls and historic buildings. If you are thinking of a place to spend your weekend, Paris in Ontario is the perfect choice. The people in the town are lovely and heartwarming, and there are scenic spots that you will enjoy. When you visit this place, there are a dozen things you can do there. Here are some of them.

Visit the Penman’s Dam

This is a great historical scene that you cannot afford to miss once you get to Paris. It was built long ago, over 100 years. The Penman clothing firm used the dam to provide electricity that would be used to run the mills. Today, this is a fantastic spot for relaxing and resting. You cannot miss the spectacular colours at dusk called “The Lighting of the Paris Falls.”

Go Hiking

If you love hiking, then Paris will give you a million reasons to do so. It has great architecture, and it is surrounded by incredible natural scenery. Here, you will find the Carolinian Forests and trails that go over 100 kilometres. One major feature is the Paris to Cambridge Rail Trail that runs for over 18 kilometres along an ancient rail bed. On the way, you can soak yourself in the Grand River and also enjoy playing exciting casino games. Visit https://playamo-bonus.com to enjoy the exciting bonuses offered by Playmo Casino.

The Cobblestone Tour

You will enjoy a tour around this town to see the untouched cobblestone buildings and garden walls. These structures were built in the 1800s by Levi Boughton, a famous architect in New York, using lake washed, round cobblestones.

Raft the Grand River

One of the major activities for adventurers in Paris, Ontario, is rafting the Grand River. It is a labelled heritage feature with fast and slow currents. You can enjoy white water rafting, kayaking and canoeing in the magnificent river.