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The town of Paris has been nicknamed as the prettiest town in Ontario indicating that the sights in the town are unmatched. News of the uniqueness of the little town has travelled wide and far and hence, thousands of people travel to Canada to see the town themselves. Since the town has grown a big deal, a guideline to the prettiest sights in the pretty town will be helpful. Hence, here is a list of the iconic landmarks in Paris.

The Grand River

The river flows through Paris and is quite a sight. Many restaurants are strategically placed so that the customers have a view of the Grand River as they enjoy their meals. Also, since the river is full of slow and fast currents, it is ideal for kayaking and water rafting. Even better, tour guides are situated at the bank of the river to help first-timers have a great time on the water. The Grand River is indeed a sight that you should not miss when you visit the town.

Penman’s Dam

The dam was built over 100 years ago by a clothing company. The aim behind Penman building the incredible dam was to ensure that the company had water with enough kinetic energy to run their equipment. After all these decades, the dam has been converted into a perfect relaxing point for people to spend an afternoon. By coincidence, the dam is placed in a place where tourists can marvel at the wonderful faux waterfall.

The Cobblestone Tour

For architects and historians, Paris is the ideal town. Most of the old buildings in the town are cobblestone style. The designs are so amazing that there is a tour where tourists are driven around the town to admire them. The work of art which includes 12 households and two churches was done by the famous architect Levi Boughton.